Our Story

Hello! We're a small team of young physicians with a passion for helping premedical and medical students. We want to help our students have an extra edge when they apply to medical school and residency. Feel free to read about us and our cause, below. If you have any additional questions, please shoot us a message!

About Us

At Cholinergy, we specialize in reviewing and editing your personal statement. Whether you're applying to medical school or residency, we've been there and want to help. Unlike many other businesses you'll find online who offer a wide variety of services - from MCAT/USMLE prep, interview prep, and advising - we focus solely on one aspect of your application: the personal statement. This allows us to dedicate 100% of our attention to this important part of your application.

Our Promise

Our guarantee to you is the same, always. To provide quality feedback and revisions for your personal statements, and to make the process as easy and affordable as we can. We promise to send you your revisions within 2 business days, or your order is on us.


We hate additional clicks, accounts, and passwords. So we've made the process as easy as possible. Just upload your personal statement and pay. We'll email you a link to view your revisions in 48 hours.


We remember what it's like to be a student. Money is tight and we understand. Our service is offered at a steep discount to what you'll find from our competitors, and we plan to keep it that way.


According to the NRMP, 80% of program directors cite the personal statement as an important factor in selecting applicants to interview. Let our reviewers take another look at yours for you.

Our Reviewers

We have reviewers in most specialties and will always try to match your personal statement with a physician in your desired speciality. If you're interested in joining as a reviewer, please contact us below. Provide your full name, area of practice, and we'll be in touch for a CV and phone interview.